Koprivnica city council introduces penalties for improper waste disposal

May 20, 2022 – Koprivnica City Council is about to introduce heavy cash penalties for those who cause dumping of waste in inappropriate places (dump) and improper disposal of waste in provided containers.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, financial penalties are being prepared for individuals and households in Koprivnica who do not comply with decisions on municipal waste collection. The proposal for the new decision specifies exactly what the sentences will be and why exactly they will be imposed. The changes with contractual penalties still need to be approved by the Koprivnica City Council and are expected to enter into force on August 1, 2022, as reported by local portal Danica.hr.

Koprivnica City Council Sanctions Explained:

– If a user does not hand over the municipal waste collected via the appropriate waste container at least once in two months, a contractual penalty in the amount of 0.10 kuna per liter of capacity of the contracted container will be charged.

– If a user does not allow Komunalac (the municipal company) full access to the waste container at the agreed place from which the waste is removed when this place is not in a public space, a contractual penalty of an amount of 100 kuna for each unrealized withdrawal time.

– If the processing of the collected waste endangers human health or causes waste to be scattered around the container or causes discomfort to another person due to the smell of said scattered waste, a contractual penalty in the amount of 100 kuna will be invoiced for each of these wastes. waste treatment at the billing point.

– If a user acts irresponsibly with the waste container (such as damaging or destroying the container), a contractual penalty will be charged depending on the volume: for 80 l and 120 l container, the fine will be 350 kuna; for a container of 240 l, the fine is 400 kuna; for a 360 l container, the fine is 750 kuna; for a container of 1100 l, the fine is 2100 kuna in total.


– If the user fails to deliver the municipal hazardous waste separately, to the recycling yard or the mobile recycling yard, or does not treat it in accordance with the regulations governing the management of a particular category of waste, the contractual penalty is charged in the amount of 500 HRK for each case

– If a user does not deliver the mixed municipal waste, recyclable municipal waste, bulky or bio-waste separately to the place of origin, or does not classify the waste in the containers according to their destination, a contractual penalty is invoiced to the amount of 250 kuna for each case of incorrect classification

– If a user does not compost the bio-waste at the place of origin and it is indicated that he composts it, a contractual penalty in the amount of 250 kuna will be charged.

Written warnings from the Koprivnica City Council

The amount of a certain conventional penalty will be shown on the utility bill when it arrives. When several users use a common container for waste (as in the case of residential buildings), the payment of the fine, in the event that the responsibility of a single individual is not determined, will be borne by all service users who use a common container in accordance with the shares in the use of the container, reports Danica.hr.

If it is determined that the service user has committed several “violations” for which the obligation to pay a contractual penalty is prescribed, Komunalac will calculate and charge him a contractual penalty for each of these violations.

The municipal company may also issue a written warning to the user instead of a sanction, but only in the event of first non-compliance, i.e. poor performance of the obligation for which a contractual sanction is generally imposed or in the event of circumstances justifying such an omission, and which circumstances the user must prove.

At the next session, the Koprivnica City Council is expected to take the decision to change the current decision on this issue, which will put these new rules into effect.

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