Kochi will likely have modern vehicles for waste management

A fleet of electric autorickshaws, dump autorickshaws and road rollers are expected to hit Kochi’s roads in a few months, putting a sophisticated spin on the waste management process in the city.

Kochi Municipal Authorities have submitted wish list of vehicles to Cochin Smart Mission Limited to increase waste collection and transportation from city roads to Brahmapuram Waste Management Center.

The proposal is to provide 15 electric autorickshaws capable of collecting and transporting waste from each of the 74 divisions. These vehicles will participate in the door-to-door collection of branch waste. The civic body has also requested 50 dump autorickshaws, capable of mechanically lifting garbage containers from autorickshaws and unloading them. Up to 15 compactors, capable of lifting and packing waste, will also be added to the fleet. The city currently has 12 such vehicles, said TK Ashraf, chairman of the Kochi Corporation’s Health Standing Committee.

Once the proposals have been accepted, the vehicles should be delivered by April. The effort is to give a touch of modernity and sophistication to waste management in the city. The vehicles will be color coded, which will allow them to be quickly distinguished. It is time for the city to move to a modern waste management system and the introduction of vehicles is part of that, he said.

The current line of thinking of municipal authorities is to ensure the efficient operation and maintenance of these vehicles by introducing a set of services for them. The civic body secured the position of a licensed mechanical engineer and an engineer recruited to oversee the operation and maintenance of these vehicles, he said.

The compactors, which are operated in the city, will have to be taken out of service next year, as they will have 15 years of service by then. None of the auto rickshaws that were introduced earlier are in use. The city administration is compiling a list of vehicles, he said.

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