Knox Board of Directors approves final payment for wastewater treatment plan project despite ongoing issues – WKVI Information Center


The Knox Works Council has approved final payment for the sewage treatment plant project, although some issues remain. After months of negotiations with Thieneman Construction, the board approved a final change order at a special meeting last week. He accepts Thieneman’s offer of two consecutive five-year maintenance obligations, as a concrete pouring incident last year could make the basement wall more prone to leaks.

But now the wall has started to leak in a few other places, according to engineer Steve Henschen with Jones Petrie Rafinski. “So what happens: they fix the leaks that are happening, and what it does is just push some things to the next potential weak spot, I think, is what is happening,” a- he declared to the board of directors.

Mayor Dennis Estok said he was unaware of this issue and began to rethink the city’s final payment. “You know, we’re just in a catch-22 here,” he said, “because if they agree not to do that, once we publish this, we have no power to. negotiation.”

Meanwhile, Henschen said there were still problems with false alarms from the gas monitoring system. “We are still working through this,” he explained. “They were cooperative. They were actually here about three weeks ago, recalibrated it, and now we’re getting alarms again.

Not only are false alarms a nuisance, according to Wastewater Superintendent Jason Clemons, they also cost the city money when employees have to be paid overtime to respond. He said the situation was so dire that he asked his teams to turn off the monitor and use their portable units instead.

However, Henschen noted that all of these items are still under warranty, and city officials generally felt Thieneman would be more likely to continue working on it if the city made his payment. In the end, the works committee conditionally agreed to return the remaining $ 64,500 to Thieneman. After change orders, the final contract amount was $ 1,720,270.29.


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