How to prepare for a power outage

South Carolina Emergency Management has some things you need before the rainfall hits

COLUMBIA, SC – Time is running out for people to grab the items they need before the roads get slick with a mixed bag of precipitation. Derrec Becker, chief public information officer for the South Carolina Emergency Department, said having a kit with items needs to be a top priority for people.

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“Preparing for winter storms is always so important, especially when the forecast calls for icy conditions, because there may be situations where you can’t get out and you’re stuck at home.” Becker said. He added that a key thing is to make sure that when buying items for the family, make sure you have a minimum of three days’ worth.

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For food, he focuses less on bread and milk than on non-perishable items, such as canned goods. He then focuses on adding water to the list of items, saying that each resident should purchase two gallons of water per household, “Letting people know not to get their hopes up on their refrigerators and to flow water.

He wants people to also focus on having an extra phone charger, “phones…make sure they have a full charge the night before and make sure you can use them if you have an emergency and you need to call nine-one-one, “.

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One thing Becker wants people to stop neglecting is a toolbox, “people need to have them in case there are leaks or duct tape is also a great resource to have” .

Last but not least, he says people need blankets… they’ll help keep you warm in the event of a power outage. Another tip to keep yourself warm is to put a towel around doors or windows to keep drafts out.

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