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TROY, NY – Rensselaer County, the City of Troy and the City of Bethlehem are partnering for a 2022 Inter-County Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Disposal Program. The program includes six events.

These events, currently scheduled throughout the second half of the year, offer residents of participating municipalities the opportunity to safely dispose of hazardous materials not accepted by normal garbage collection services.

The next event will be Saturday, July 30 at the Town of Schodack Highway Garage in Nassau at 3776 US Route 20.

Municipalities participating in the July 30 event:

  • Town of Schodack
  • City of Nassau
  • City of Troy
  • City of Bethlehem

The Disposal Event is a free service available only to residents of participating municipalities. Prior registration is required; residents who have not pre-registered will not be able to use the program. Residents should visit their participating municipality’s website to register. Residents who do not have Internet access can contact the municipal liaison officer in their community:

Town of Schodack:
Ann Shaughnessy, Director of the Rensselaer County Environmental Management Board

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: (518) 270-2888

City of Nassau:
Ann Shaughnessy, Director of the Rensselaer County Environmental Management Board

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: (518) 270-2888

City of Troy:
Renee Panetta, Recycling Coordinator

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: (518) 279-7171

City of Bethlehem:
Dan Lilkas-Rain, Recycling Coordinator

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 518-439-4955, extension 1510

After the end of the July 30 event, information about the next household hazardous waste event will be available through press releases posted on the websites of participating municipalities.

Note: RDD events will not collect electronics, tires or shredding. These items will be collected at separate events, when donated by specific municipalities.

Business owners wishing to dispose of hazardous waste can make an appointment in advance with the vendor. There will be costs associated with the disposal of these materials, which will be the sole responsibility of the business owner. To make an appointment and be put in touch with the seller, contact the appropriate municipal liaison.

“These events are a great example of local governments working together to provide residents with a safe and convenient way to safely dispose of household hazardous waste. Scheduling multiple events makes it easier for residents to access these items and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way. We expect the Troy event to receive an enthusiastic response and look forward to the successful start of a major series of events to safely dispose of these items and waste,” said County Executive Steve McLaughlin. by Rensselaer.

“Hazardous waste disposal has been an issue for many Rensselaer County residents and communities. The cost of environmentally responsible disposal has been a barrier for many localities. We believe this partnership will help cover these costs, and we encourage Rensselaer County residents in those municipalities to participate in the program,” noted Rensselaer County Legislative Speaker Kelly Hoffman.

“We are thrilled to partner with Rensselaer County and the City of Bethlehem to expand the availability of household hazardous waste collection this year. These popular free disposal events help Collar City residents and families safely dispose of harmful chemicals and products from their homes while reducing their environmental impact by keeping toxic and hazardous materials out of local landfills. I encourage residents of Troy to sign up for this valuable program at fundraising events in 2022,” said Troy Mayor Patrick Madden.

“Schodack is proud to host the July 30 event and we look forward to providing our residents with the opportunity to help keep our environment clean and provide a safe way to dispose of these hazardous materials” said Schodack Town Supervisor Chuck. Peter explained.

“These partnerships are extremely important to our shared commitment to protecting our environment and providing practical options for eliminating household hazardous waste. The savings associated with this joint program have a direct and positive impact on our ratepayers while supporting a more resilient environment,” added Nassau City Supervisor David Fleming.

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