Here’s what’s in the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed in Congress

(House television)

The House is now voting on the infrastructure bill after hours of internal delays and debate among Democrats.

This bill has already passed the Senate and, if passed, would make its way to President Biden’s office.

How we got here: Before Friday, President Nancy Pelosi said she intended to vote on the final passage of the infrastructure bill and the social spending bill known as Build Back Better.

But, by Friday morning, it was clear that a group of House moderates weren’t ready to support Build Back Better’s final pass for a variety of reasons.

To accommodate this group, after hours of inaction, Pelosi decided to schedule a final vote on the infrastructure bill and stop before the final passage of the Build Back Better bill, voting only on rule governing debate, hoping that would be enough to unify Democrats.

However, this plan immediately collided with a significant number of progressives, who have consistently called for both infrastructure and Build Back Better bills to move forward together.

Progressives stalled action on the ground for hours as they deliberated on how to move forward.

Then, moments before the final vote, a group of key moderate refractors released a statement promising to vote for the social spending package “in its current form other than technical changes, as quickly as we receive tax information from the Congressional Budget. Office – but in no event after the week of November 15.

Shortly after this engagement from the moderates, Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal released a statement saying the Progressive Caucus reached a deal with fellow Democrats to vote on the infrastructure bill tonight, dropping a key tenant in their position, which was to vote only for infrastructure. bill when the social spending bill would also receive a final vote.

Moments before the House began voting on the infrastructure bill, Jayapal wrote on behalf of his caucus that progressives were moving forward with the infrastructure vote because they had accepted the pledge. moderates that the bill on social spending would be voted “no later than the week of November 15.

But in her statement, Jayapal was sure not to say that everyone in her caucus would join this position.

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