Hampton NH Receives $100,000 in Energy Savings for Wastewater Treatment Plant

HAMPTON — Unitil Corporation is providing more than $100,000 in energy efficiency rebates to the City of Hampton for several key upgrades to its wastewater treatment plant.

The city worked with Unitil, NH’s environmental services department, and Wright-Pierce, an engineering firm with a local office in Portsmouth, to make improvements to the facility that would not only qualify for rebates, but would also reduce power consumption and downtime. costs.

The rebates were provided by NHSaves, which is a collaboration of New Hampshire electric and natural gas utilities that strives to provide customers with information, incentives and assistance designed to save energy, reduce costs and protect the environment.

“Unitil encouraged the city to take advantage of energy efficiency programs during the planning phase of the project, mobilizing dollars to get the best equipment,” said Alec O’Meara, Unitil’s director of media relations. “The benefit of more efficient equipment is that it does the job with less energy, which lowers operating costs and improves plant performance. It’s really about having a good design that’s very effective and it might not have happened without the utility rebate programs.

Upgrades included the addition of new LED lighting, HVAC equipment and energy-efficient fans for the ventilation system, as well as variable-frequency drives, which ramp up and down the motors that run the air. plant to match incoming effluent flow rates.

“The City of Hampton is currently nearing the completion of construction on the first phase of a comprehensive wastewater treatment facility upgrade project,” said Hampton Director of Public Works Jennifer Hale. “With construction costs approaching $10 million and operating costs skyrocketing, having the ability to save money is essential. This rebate will save City of Hampton ratepayers money on annual energy consumption costs that will accumulate over many years. It also serves as an incentive to keep looking for ways to implement energy efficiency.

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