GWA: Dismiss the sewage plant case | News

The Guam Waterworks Authority has filed a stay motion in the Guam Superior Court, seeking to block the court from pursuing action in a case involving the GWA Northern District Wastewater Treatment Plant until the process appeal of the court’s recent decision against GWA’s motion for summary judgment has been completed in the Supreme Court, the agency said in a press release.

In the case, Core Tech International alleged that it obtained the land by foreclosure, interfering with the public’s right to the land.

“The Northern District Wastewater Treatment Plant is publicly owned and has never been owned by a private party,” GWA chief executive Miguel Bordallo said in the statement. “(Core Tech’s) assertion of any ownership of this property is completely inaccurate.”

Since 1980, when the land was leased to the United States and the plant was commissioned, the property has been reserved by law for public utility and use, specifically “for construction, l ‘installation, maintenance, operation, repair and replacement of a sewage treatment plant and sewer line’, under a 1980 general purpose lease agreement between the United States and the government from Guam.

Core Tech filed a lawsuit against GWA for $220 million, but never held an interest in the property, the statement said.

“The Government of Guam and GWA will continue to protect the public interest by ensuring the plant continues to provide vital wastewater treatment services to the people of Guam, and is asking the Supreme Court to clarify the law , to overturn the lower court’s decision and dismiss the case,” Bordallo said.

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