Grant money to help the city’s sewage collection system

Fort Scott City Hall.

Governor Laura Kelly announced last week that 40 rural Kansas communities will receive Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) totaling more than $17.6 million to help support critical community development projects.

The City of Fort Scott received a $700,000 grant to help revitalize sewer system infrastructure.

The awards are administered by the Kansas Department of Commerce and granted by the Small Cities CDBG Program of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. CDBG’s eligible public improvement projects help fund water supply and sanitation projects, housing rehabilitation and other community facilities and services, according to a press release from the governor.

The $700,000 grant will be added to the $425,000 the city will provide of the planned total cost of $1,125,000 for the sanitation system infrastructure upgrades.

Kelley Zellner. Photo submitted.

“The project should be solicited within the next few weeks,” Fort Scott City Manager Kelley Zellner said. “And a contractor will be selected. Once the contractor is selected for the job, the contractor decides the order of completion of the project using its “means and methods”.

“The city’s sewage collection system needs attention in some areas and some of the sewer station equipment will need to be reviewed for upgrades over the next few years,” Zellner said.

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