Governor Edwards Announces Statewide Trash Reduction and Beautification Task Force to Address Louisiana Trash Problem

Governor John Bel Edwards joined state and local leaders today to announce the creation of the Governor’s Task Force on Statewide Waste Reduction and Beautification, which s will work to find political solutions to Louisiana’s waste problem, educate the public and promote community waste reduction activities. Created by executive order and managed by the Keep Louisiana Beautiful program in the office of the lieutenant governor, the 26-member task force will make recommendations to the governor by July 1, 2022.

As part of the executive order, the Governor also declared that the fourth Saturday of each month will be designated as Love the Boot. Don’t Pollute Day across the state, where officials and neighborhood groups will be encouraged to hold targeted events to pick up litter in their communities.

“Today, I am announcing a statewide effort to find solutions to Louisiana’s trash problem, which is harming health, safety, wildlife, economic development and tourism. Our state is truly a beautiful place, a sportsman’s paradise, but too often litter litters the Louisiana landscape.We lose opportunities when our communities are full of stray trash like cans, bottles, cigarette butts. and food containers, which end up in our storm drains, contributing to drainage problems and can even exacerbate flash floods, creating a serious public safety threat. Louisiana native species cannot thrive alongside the neither will our people,” Governor Edwards said. “There are funding, policy and workforce issues that we need to address locally and globally. of the state, which is the goal of this new statewide task force. But we, as individuals, also have the power to reduce the amount of trash that ends up in Louisiana’s waterways, storm drains, and streets. Simple things like always putting your trash in a bag, reducing your reliance on single-use plastics, and picking up trash you see near your home, business, or community will go a long way to improving our condition. When it comes to eradicating our trash problem and keeping Louisiana clean and beautiful, we all have a role to play.

  • Click here to read the Governor’s Task Force Executive Order on Statewide Waste Reduction and Beautification.

“Keep Louisiana Beautiful was placed under my desk during the last legislative session. I look forward to working with the Governor’s team, elected officials, civic organizations, and every Louisiana Ambassador who loves this great state. We need to educate, change negative behaviors and inspire people not to litter,” said Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser. “For too long, reducing waste has been on the backs of a few volunteers. It’s time for everyone to step up and do their part. Failure is not an option.”

“I’m proud to join Governor Edwards today for the announcement of the Governor’s Task Force on Statewide Trash Reduction and Beautification – trash affects every community in Louisiana. , and this statewide effort will help create a holistic approach to the complex issues that need to be addressed,” said Mayor Sharon Weston Broom. “We’re doing our part in Baton Rouge – collecting over 21,000 pounds of trash through community-led efforts, dedicating additional crews to collecting over 12,000 bags of trash, cleaning up 11,000 miles of streets through a increased street sweeping and even bringing in an experienced quality of place specialist to implement a strategic and sustainable approach to quality of place. East Baton Rouge Parish will maintain and intensify these efforts as we continue to address this challenge in our community. We need everyone on deck to fight litter, and I know the cooperation of our local and state government will help us keep Louisiana beautiful.

“Louisiana’s waste problem is huge and decades old. It cannot be resolved simply by wishing or complaining. And this certainly cannot be solved on the backs of volunteers alone. We need changes in attitude, behavior, and culture to achieve a clean Louisiana. Keep Louisiana Beautiful is excited to work with the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Task Force to make a clean Louisiana a reality,” said Susan Russell, Executive Director of Keep Louisiana Beautiful.

“When loose trash lands on the streets every few weeks, heavy Louisiana rains arrive and push most of it into a storm drain system. Storm drains have to send litter-infused water somewhere to keep our communities from flooding. Guess where the drains send it? They send it to a low area like a lake, bayou, swamp, or wetland. This is easy to prevent. Not cheap, and it won’t happen quickly. But others have done it and we can do it too,” said Marie Constantin of the Louisiana Stormwater Coalition.

“Being proud of our state and the way it looks encourages businesses to locate and grow in our communities.” said Lisa Johnson, president of the Bossier Chamber of Commerce and president of the Louisiana Association Chamber of Commerce Executives. “I commend the Governor for creating this task force. Together we will make a difference in cleaning up our state; gateways, roads, businesses and our communities.

The 26 members of the Governor’s Task Force on Statewide Waste Reduction and Beautification come from various state and local government agencies, businesses, and private groups and communities. They will include:

  • Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser, Chair
  • Governor John Bel Edwards or his delegate
  • Dr. Steve Slaton, Office of the Lieutenant Governor
  • Jay Dardenne, Commissioner for Administration, Division of Administration
  • Secretary Chuck Brown, Department of Environmental Quality
  • Secretary James LeBlanc, Department of Corrections or his designate;
  • Secretary Don Pierson, Department of Economic Development or designate;
  • Secretary Shawn Wilson, Department of Transport and Development or his designate;
  • Secretary Jack Montoucet, Department of Wildlife and Fisheries or his delegate;
  • Colonel Lamar Davis, Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services
  • Chip Kline, Executive Assistant to the Governor for Coastal Activities
  • Mayor Sharon Weston Broome, City/Parish of Baton Rouge, Louisiana Municipal Association;
  • Winn Parish President Josh McAllister, representing the Louisiana Police Jury Association;
  • Pointe Coupee Parish Sheriff Rene’ Thibodeaux, representing the Louisiana Sheriffs Association;
  • Trent Brignac, Evangeline Parish District Attorney, representing the Louisiana District Attorneys Association
  • Lisa Johnson, president and CEO of the Bossier City Chamber of Commerce, representing the Louisiana Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives;
  • Faye Matthews, Environmental Defense Fund, representing environmental organizations
  • Carla Tate, Executive Director, Tangipahoa Parish Convention and Visitors Bureau, representing the tourism industry
  • Sharon Mann, Managing Director, Republic Services, representing the waste management industry
  • Dr. Neil Aspinwall, Chancellor of SOWELA Technical Community College, representing Louisiana’s higher education system;
  • Dr. Teresa Bagwell, Superintendent of St. Mary’s Parish Schools, representing the Louisiana Department of Education;
  • Adam Knapp, General Manager, Baton Rouge Area Chamber, representing Chambers of Commerce
  • Brenda M. Breaux, Executive Director, New Orleans Redevelopment Authority, representing local housing authorities
  • Marie Constantin, representative of owners’ associations
  • Renee Amar, Executive Director, Louisiana Motor Transport Association, representing the trucking industry
  • Mike Wampold, representing the construction industry

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