Government promotes waste management through film


The film has now become a good platform to get the message across that there are various issues we are facing, one of them being litter in the ocean.

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The government has encouraged citizens to manage their waste in order to tackle the problem of ocean waste through a film called “Bude Jo Belajar Kelola Sampah”.

“The cinema has now become a good platform to get the message across that there are various problems we are facing, one of them being the garbage in the ocean,” noted the Deputy Assistant to the waste management of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment, Rofi Al Hanif. statement here Tuesday.

Hanif explained that marine debris was a result of insufficient waste management on land and the public’s lack of understanding of the importance of waste management.

The oceans have now become the last sites of waste containment that will surely have far-reaching negative impacts on humans and surrounding ecosystems.

The management of ocean waste has now become an ambitious goal for the government to achieve. Various efforts include policy development and a mass dissemination campaign.

“We are seeking the cooperation of citizens to reduce litter in the ocean. The film which was produced by KLHK (Ministry of Environment and Forests) is light and well made that it could become an example for various groups, especially for us, who continually produce waste every day, ”he explained.

Hanif felt that currently campaigning and dissemination cannot be done directly, but rather by projecting various messages through works of art, like this film.

“People should now be more aware of the importance of waste management in order to take care of the environment and it is now part of life,” said KLHK official Agus Supriyanto.

Echoing Supriyanto’s opinion, film series producer Wira Hardiprakoso said she was quite surprised at the scale of the waste management problem.

Hardiprakoso spoke of being sensitive to how humans produce so much waste in their daily cycle, and how damaging this issue would be if not addressed properly and in a timely manner.

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