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Gandhinagar: The state government gave the green light to notify five new treatment stabilization disposal facility sites because all state government hazardous waste disposal sites were full.
The government’s decision to approve the establishment of five new TSDF sites in different geographical areas is likely to help reduce the costs incurred by industries in the management of hazardous waste.
There were seven of these TSDF sites in operation, which either exceeded their optimum capacity or will reach saturation level within the next 3 to 6 months. Based on the recommendations of a technical advisory committee, the government approved the establishment of five new TSDF sites. A notification must be issued by the government on TSDF sites under the 2018 hazardous waste rules.
Key sources close to the development have indicated that hazardous solid waste from industrial units must be disposed of at scientifically constructed TSDF sites. “Due to the large scale chemical industries in Gujarat, the state currently generates around 30 lakh MT of hazardous industrial waste per year. Of this total, around 10 lakh MT of industrial landfill waste is disposed of at TSDF sites. The rest of industrial waste is disposed of by incineration, recycling or co-treatment in the cement industries. The capacity of the current TSDF site was on the verge of reaching saturation level in 3 to 6 months, so it was currently under consideration by the government to notify new TSDF sites, ” sources informed.
“The locations of the new sites will be in Khambhat-Anand, Mahisagar, Bharuch-Jambusar and Zagadia and the district of Surendranagar. This decision will soon make new sites operational, which will ease the pressure on the hazardous industries handling this waste. “


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