Garrison’s Green Boot program is an integral part of the Army’s climate strategy | Item

USAG Wiesbaden Commanding Officer Col. Mario Washington presents the Green Start Program signs to Headquarters and U.S. Army Europe-Africa Battalion Headquarters Battalion Command Sgt. Major Joseph Daniel, with Tomasz Filatow, Director of Energy at the Garrison Public Works Branch.
(Photo credit: Connie Dickey)


WIESBADEN, Germany – The Commander of U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden, Col. Mario Washington, visited U.S. Army Battalion Headquarters and Headquarters, Europe-Africa Offices Feb. 16 to present signs to the Battalion Command Sgt. Major Joseph Daniel, signifying their participation in the Green Boot program.

The program is part of the garrison’s overall initiative to encourage units to reduce their energy consumption and environmental footprint. Working with Garrison, units start with a compliance checklist and work with the Public Works Branch Energy team to tailor the checklist to their individual needs.

“This program is right in line with the military’s climate strategy,” Washington said. “This is a program that not only saves energy and minimizes environmental impact, but also sets a positive example for USAG Wiesbaden personnel, soldiers, family members and community.”

Tomasz Filatow, energy manager at DPW, clarified that the program is voluntary and is designed to equip units with the tools needed to boost the energy efficiency of their facilities. Other elements include minimizing environmental impact through recycling, solid waste reduction and water conservation.

The Green Boot certification process begins with members of a unit contacting the DPW energy team for the checklist and a briefing.

The checklist includes compliance requirements in various areas, including awareness, transportation, energy conservation, office waste reduction, promoting recycling, purchasing environmentally friendly products, and educating everyone about green business practices.

The Garrison Energy Team works with units to tailor the checklist to their individual needs. Once members of a unit have completed the checklist requirements, energy managers conduct a site visit to verify. If the verification is successful, the organization is recognized with a Green Boot Program certificate by the Garrison Commander.

After the checklist is completed, energy officials conduct a site visit to verify that it has been successfully completed, and they continue to monitor and verify certification annually.

“The goal of the program is to make sure Americans do their part to protect the environment and show our host nation neighbors that we are good stewards,” Filatow said.

Filatow explained that DPW’s goal is to increase awareness by building relationships between tenant units and garrison by sharing “best practices.” Energy managers and users can both benefit and help reduce waste and energy costs. “If we see good practice in a unit, we can fertilize to promote community involvement and innovation.”

“We want participants to understand that the training they gain through the Green Boot program – they can bring it back to battle. Making better use of energy resources is often a critical factor on the battlefield,” Filatow said.

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