Frontier Energy Ltd identifies several suitable water sources for hydrogen production, eliminating the need for a costly desalination plant

Frontier Energy Ltd (ASX:FHE) has eliminated major potential capital and operating costs for its green hydrogen project by identifying several suitable water sources near the Bristol Springs Solar (BSS) project, removing the need of an expensive desalination plant.

Preliminary results from the company’s Green Hydrogen Study identified three suitable water sources with sufficient capacity to produce hydrogen by electrolysis – the Bunbury Wastewater Treatment Plant, the Aquifer freshwater from Yarragadee and water from existing desalination plants at Kwinana or Bunningup.

Frontier has engaged key stakeholders from each of the water sources in discussions regarding access to future green hydrogen production and remains on track to release both the renewable energy expansion and the study. on green hydrogen by mid-2022.

Appropriate water, a “critical aspect”

“The importance of access to appropriate water for green hydrogen production is a critical aspect that many seem to overlook when it comes to developing a sustainable green hydrogen industry,” said Mike Young, Director CEO of Frontier Energy.

“Without access to a suitable existing water solution, the development of a desalination plant is necessary. Although this technology is well understood, it can add hundreds of millions of dollars to a project’s initial capital cost (depending on its size) as well as increase operating costs.

“The development of a desalination plant will also slow down the development schedule of a project given the strict environmental and development conditions to be respected.

“The location of our Bristol Springs project has again given Frontier a major advantage over others with multiple options throughout the region for existing water access.

“Being on the SWIS (South West Interconnected System) allows the company to transfer our green electrons to the best located hydrogen installation.

“However, being able to use treated wastewater is clearly a great outcome for all stakeholders, as it adds yet another element of GREEN to the project.”

Location of critical elements for green hydrogen production in South West Western Australia.

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