Erin shortlists contractors for two wastewater treatment plant contracts

ERIN – The council is proceeding here with a list of pre-qualified contractors for two phases of the city’s highly anticipated sewage treatment plant.

On May 12, council received the report regarding the general contractor for the sewage pumping station, directing staff to proceed with a list of pre-qualified contractors, which includes:

  • ASCO construction ltd. ;
  • Bennett Mechanical Installations Ltd.;
  • Clearway Construction Inc.;
  • IRA Ltd. ;
  • Jeviso Construction Corporation;
  • North America Construction Ltd.;
  • Peak Construction Group Ltd.; and
  • Torbear Contractor Inc.

The contact for the sewage pumping station was posted on the city’s website on April 14 and closed on April 29, receiving 11 submissions.

Each pre-qualification submission was reviewed by WSP staff and city staff and assessed against a variety of criteria, including company profile, project qualifications, projects completed in the past 10 years, and health and safety.

Submissions were independently rated by each member with the total scores averaged to determine each submission’s overall score.

Eight of the submissions scored above the required minimum score of 70.

“Contractors who received 70 or more points were listed in table two as being awarded for pre-qualification, which would leave us with eight contractors who we will include in the tender once it is published,” said said Nick Colucci, the city’s director of infrastructure. services, explained.

Main sewer contract

The Board also considered the report for a separate contract for the micro-tunneling contractor for the main sewer, directing staff to proceed with the following list of pre-qualified contractors:

  • Earth Boring Co. Ltd. ;
  • Erritt Construction Ltd.;
  • Michels Canada Co.;
  • Technicore Underground Inc.; and
  • Ward and Burke Microtunnelling.

As with the sewage pumping station, the contract for the micro-tunneling was posted on the city’s website on April 14 and closed on April 29, receiving the five bids listed above.

“After review, based on the criteria included in the report, we ensured that all five contractors met this threshold of 70 points. We therefore recommend awarding all five with the understanding that these five contractors would be listed in the bidding for the construction of segments one through four as preferred contractors,” Colucci told the board.

“So the general contractor bidding on segments one through four will use one of those contractors in their bid for those segments.”

He noted that there will be one general contract for the first four segments, which will include underground sewer maintenance.

“We have not shortlisted the general contractor for this work because there is a lot of general excavation work we can do through the normal tender process,” he said. Explain.

“We only pre-qualified the tunnel contractor because it’s a very specialized job and similar to the previous one, his specialized job to build a pumping station. »

The Board approved the shortlist of contractors for both projects.

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