EPA will monitor the management of electronic waste from institutions


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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will begin a special exercise to monitor how businesses and businesses store and manage their electronic waste to ensure environmental safety.

The decision is to ensure that electronic gadgets such as laptops, cell phones, air conditioners, refrigerators and microwaves are disposed of by the right people at the licensed facility.

When agency officials have reason to believe that the trash gadgets present a danger and nuisance to the environment, the EPA will step in to take the inventory and ensure that the institution pays for the gadgets. be disposed of safely.

Dr Henry Kokofu, Executive Director of the Agency, announced at an outdoor event on a pilot project to collect hazardous and electronic waste for safe management and disposal by experts.

The project is a joint venture between the Environmental Protection Agency and Excellent Waste Management, which aims to help clean up electronic waste, create jobs and increase income.

The EPA executive director said the pilot project was part of a larger plan to continue to spearhead the fight against environmental pollution as mandated by law to, among other things, guide development in order to prevent, reduce and, as far as possible, eliminate pollution and actions that reduce the quality of life.

Dr Kokofu said that the EPA, as part of the pilot project, will take other initiatives in the area of ​​plastic waste and scrap collection to make the idea of ​​circular economy a reality.

On the new project, he has already said, institutions including the Election Commission and the Ghana Electricity Company have enlisted the agency’s services to safely manage and dispose of old electronic gadgets.

Dr Kokofu said the pilot project will be implemented nationwide to support the effort in Agbogbloshie, which has earned the country an unenviable name as the country with the largest e-waste park in the world.

He mentioned that the idea was to acquire more trucks and send them to Tema, Sunyani, Takoradi, Tamale, Koforidua to make sure the electronic waste was properly disposed of.

The director said that institutions wishing to use the services of the Agency should contact them by letter or by appeal.

Mr. Samuel Asiamah, Managing Director of Excellent Waste Management, said that good management of e-waste will help to clean up the environment for the next generation.

He said the Company will work diligently to ensure the success of the project.

According to GIZ, 95 percent of electrical and electronic waste was collected, but collection and recycling was organized largely informally.

Source: GNA

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