Energy bills: Engineer shares cheapest way to boil water to save money – ‘surprised me’

Kettles and hobs are two of the most used appliances in the kitchen, used to prepare hot drinks and food. However, with rising energy costs, many are looking for ways to lower their bills. A TikTok user, who goes by the name @dinosaurdannyx, recently helped some Brits and did an experiment to find out how much energy and how much it cost to boil two liters of water at room temperature.

The engineer first figured out how to measure the flow of gas used by his stove. From there, he discovered that it cost him 1.99 pence to boil water with his hob.

After using his electric kettle to boil the same volume of water, he said it cost 3.49 pence, almost double that.

He said: “The results of that actually surprised me.”

Although kettles used less energy overall, the different prices for electricity and gas meant that the hob was cheaper.

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Air conditioning and heating will cost Britons the most, experts say.

They said, “To save money, invest in a programmable thermostat. If you assumed that the energy costs of running a fan are minimal, you would be right. Consider DC fans.

“They use so little power that running one at full speed 24 hours a day would cost between £24.83 and £164.25 a year.

The research also found that the cheapest household appliance to run on their list was a washing machine.

A Radiators Online spokesperson said: “This unit is a widely used Energy Star model and only requires 500 watts per hour to operate.

“This is because your washing machine uses more energy to heat water than it does to do anything else during a wash cycle. So washing machines are more energy efficient by using cold water, which most people prefer to use for doing their laundry.

“So if used every day for a year, electricity for a washing machine costs £18.25. Overall, avoid using your energy-guzzling appliances as much as possible, opt for Energy Star® qualified models and consider cheaper alternatives.

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