Election season is in full swing, so how green is it

MELBOURNE, Australia, May 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to Waste Sense, a Melbourne-wide independent waste management service provider, many election posters are made from corflute. Sold by plastic manufacturer Corex, corflute is a lightweight, inexpensive, and durable plastic, which is why it’s preferred for election signs that battle the outside elements.

As Waste Sense explains, the corflute is made from polypropylene, with two thin walls connected by small spacers. The structure of these posters keeps it strong and light. Polypropylene is a polymer composed of carbon and hydrogen and is often used in food containers, straws and some fabrics.

Generally, corflute cannot be recycled in curbside bins because it is too soft and therefore prone to tangling in municipal recycling machines, says Waste Sense. Another issue with recycling these signs is the fasteners used, including the metal grommets as well as the pegs and stickers that are often attached, which can essentially render them unrecyclable.

Most candidates rule out using paper or other more recyclable materials because they’re too weak to last through the campaign and they’re more expensive than corflute, says Waste Sense. So what happens to campaign materials after the election is over?

Although the material is difficult to recycle, some candidates seem keen on finding a way to reuse the posters. Some activists reuse their corflutes to make new panels or send them back to the manufacturer, Corex, which runs a recycling program for the material. Others have found unique ways to reuse the material. In 2016, ABC Radio hosts in the Northern Territory built a boat made up mostly of corflute posters donated by the country’s outgoing Liberal Party.

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