Effingham discusses sewage generator and concrete patching | Local News

Effingham City Council this week discussed purchasing a new generator for the wastewater treatment plant, in addition to opening bids for next year’s concrete repair program.

The city has reached a deal with Pals Electric of Teutopolis for $ 357,777 to install the new generator at the plant. The bid was the lowest, beating the bids of Bodine Electric of Decatur and Commercial Electric of Mattoon.

The new generator is intended to provide backup to existing power sources at the plant. The current generator will be moved from the plant to the Banker Street pumping station.

Public Works Director Jeremy Heuerman said moving the existing generator to Banker Street overshot the project’s original budget; thus, he was to present the updates to the full council.

“We added work to this project,” Heuerman said. “With the new UV generator, we’re going to move (the current one) and also use it (at) the South Banker Street lift station. This is why it exceeds the amount of $ 300,000 initially planned. “

As for the concrete patching program, bids will be accepted for next year’s program on November 30 at 10 a.m.

In other news:

• Council approved a quartet of zoning changes discussed at the Planning Commission meeting the previous week:

â—¦ Business owner Carolyn Wallace has requested that the property at 202-206 Henrietta Street be changed from R-4 Limited Office and Retail District to B-2 General Commercial. Wallace is trying to convert a house on the property into office space.

â—¦ EL Holdings (Grunloh Building) requested that the property along Surs Woods Drive and US Route 45 be changed from R-2 Single Family Residence to B-2 General Commercial. Grunloh is trying to build a new commercial space.

â—¦ North Wind Court, LLC has requested that a property along North Fourth Street south of Rickelman Drive be converted from B-2 General Commercial to R-3D Multiple Dwelling. North Wind is attempting to build a series of new apartments on the property.

â—¦ Beverly J. Phelps has requested that the property at 40 North Lakewood Drive be changed from NU Non-Urban to R-2 Single Family Residence. The zoning change complements a purchase of the surplus property by the city’s Phelps.

• As part of the consent program, the council finalized the end of the city’s main TIF district, thus closing the book on 35 years of commercial development in the city with this fund. All other TIF funds — Central, Industrial and Outer Belt West have been renewed and all existing TIF # 1 funds and projects will be transferred to the other three funds.

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