Cut water and electricity supply to dilapidated Wadas: Nmc chief | Nashik News

Nashik: Ramesh Pawar, Municipal Corporation of Nashik (NMC), ordered divisional officers of the six divisions on Monday to cut off the water and electricity supply to the dilapidated wadas if the owners or tenants did not leave the premises despite two summonses.
The city has a total of 1,083 dilapidated wadas, the majority of which (600) are in the Nashik West Division. The Panchawati division has 200 dilapidated wadas, while the remaining 283 wadas and structures are located in the other four divisions of the civic body – Nashik Road, Nashik East, cidco and Satpur.
The directive from the NMC administrator came at a meeting of heads of departments on Monday. Pawar took seriously the fact that some owners and tenants of the wadas and dilapidated houses still have to evacuate the dangerous structures despite the advisories issued each year by the civic body.
This year, the NMC had served the first notice in April, asking the owners of the dilapidated wadas to vacate the structures before the monsoon.
The NMC Planning Department again served the second notice to most property owners. The NMC administrator told the relevant divisional officers to serve the second notice on all remaining owners and tenants asking them to vacate the structures immediately.
“The NMC administrator said that the water and electricity supply to the wadas and dilapidated houses should be cut off if the owners or tenants do not leave the premises even after the second notice has been served on them,” said said the Deputy City Commissioner. Dilip Menkar.
City officials have sometimes said there are disputes between landlords and tenants. Therefore, tenants do not leave the structures. This is one of the reasons why it was decided to cut off the water and electricity.


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