Contract to be Awarded for Jefferson Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade | Raccoon Valley Radio

A major milestone was recently taken to continue advancing a multi-million dollar project in the city of Jefferson.

At its regular meeting in October, the municipal council approved the plans and specifications, the contract form and the cost estimate for the wastewater treatment plant improvement project. City Administrator Mike Palmer said the $16.3 million project would take the existing facility and make upgrades to comply with new Iowa Department of Natural Resources landfill requirements. Palmer reminds residents that this project is funded primarily through user fees, not property taxes.

“But that means somebody pays for it. All fee increases have been put in place for the next five years. Funding is in the works. We do have another construction loan through the state, and then we’ll have to bond the balance as we move forward. But the city has gone through this whole process now.

Palmer is glad the project didn’t force the city to build a new facility.

“But just by making these upgrades, we can use the existing site. We have enough land there to add what we need. So that was one of the reasons why the animal shelter, we needed to build a new one. Not only to replace some kind of facility that was maybe a bit substandard with something brand new, but that was one of the reasons to expand this factory and not have to incur the expense of building one a whole new one.

The project is currently in the process of calling for tenders, with the deadline of November 15 to receive them. Then, the Board will consider awarding the contract for the upgrades at its November 22 meeting.

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