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An important voice has been heard regarding the potential placement of wind turbines in Lake Erie. At its September meeting, the New York State Conservation Council said publicly that it was calling for a “Permanent moratorium on the development of offshore industrial wind turbines in all waters of the Great Lakes.

The installation of wind turbines in Lake Erie has been a hot topic for the past two years in the western New York region and in Ohio. There, a six-turbine Icebreaker Windpower project was envisioned for an area 8-10 miles northeast of Cleveland to produce 20.7 megawatts of electricity per year after receiving approval from the Ohio Power Siting. Board. However, a lawsuit filed in the Ohio Supreme Court by residents of the lakeside condominiums, according to Energy News Network, has blocked construction for the time being.

The New York State Conservation Council’s call for a moratorium began with the Erie County Federation Sports Club. Its resolution notes that 11 million people depend on Lake Erie for drinking water and cites a dramatic increase in fishing in the waters over the past half century.

“After 50 years of clean-up, restoration and significant investments in funding and human capital, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario represent more angling recreation and related economic activities of all of the Great Lakes. “ resolution notes.

The federation also said studies of offshore wind turbines in the North Atlantic have confirmed negative impacts on fish, with impacts varying depending on the anatomy of the fish with respect to the swim bladder, and a threat to them. birds, including raptors and endangered gulls.

The New York State Conservation Council considers itself “a non-profit organization preserving and protecting the world we live in.”

Currently, according to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, the state has five offshore wind projects in active development – the largest offshore wind pipeline in the country. Most of this activity takes place in Southeastern New York and Long Island in saltwater locations.

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