Compology named in B Lab’s “Best for the World” list

SAN FRANCISCO, July 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Today, Compology, the leading sustainable waste metering company, announced that it has secured a spot on B Lab’s Best for the world list, which rewards companies that demonstrate the highest level of social and environmental responsibility.

Each year, the global nonprofit B Lab publishes its Best for the world list to highlight B Corp certified companies that scored in the top 5% on B impact assessment. B impact assessment is a rigorous assessment of the social and environmental impact of companies.

A pioneer in waste metering technology, Compology’s commitment to sustainability, community engagement and employee benefits earned the company a B Corp certification earlier this year.

Like a Best for the world winner, Compology meets the highest standards in terms of environmental good, social impact and workplace culture. Dedicated to sustainability, Compology’s product leverages technology to promote environmentally friendly waste management solutions. Compology’s intelligent AI camera modernizes the recycling infrastructure by identifying contaminants in recycling bins before they contaminate the loadings of a treatment facility. Compology’s technology also measures and tracks waste generation, providing users with the data they need to effectively plan waste collection to reduce their carbon emissions.

In addition to developing environmentally friendly technology, Compology offers companies a mechanism to maximize profits with sustainable solutions. By reducing unnecessary waste collection, smart cameras from Compology save businesses nearly $ 2,000 per bucket per year. Beyond its commitment to sustainable development, Compology’s commitment to supporting employees and creating a positive corporate culture also contributed to its best B Impact Assessment score.

“With B Lab’s mission so closely aligned with ours, it is an honor to be recognized on their Best for the world listing. We are proud to join a class of like-minded companies that leverage business strategies to promote social good, ”said Jason gates, Managing Director of Compology. “This honor is a testament to Compology’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, and demonstrates how sustainable waste management solutions can enable businesses to promote the good of the environment.”

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About Compologie:

As a leading provider of smart camera and artificial intelligence solutions in waste and transportation, Compology helps move the world’s raw materials, finished products and waste with the smallest footprint possible. Compology, a certified B company based in San Francisco, provides unprecedented visibility to the waste and trucking industries, serving some of the largest Fortune 500 companies, property management companies, waste haulage and trucking companies, waste brokers and service providers, cities and universities . Each industry uniquely applies Compology’s core data points – completeness, content, location and activity – to operate more efficiently and sustainably. Visit for more information.

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