Coca-Cola launches new African sustainability platform rooted in water conservation and waste management

Coca-Cola has launched its new Africa-focused sustainability platform called Jamii, representing its regional environmental, social and governance strategy anchored on water conservation, waste management and the economic empowerment of women and young people. youth.

Patricia Obozuwa, The Coca-Cola Company’s Africa Vice President for Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability, noted that the platform is a total refresh of what they’ve been doing, but a lot of s builds on abilities and accomplishments, a success they’ve had in the past.

Water being its main vital resource, it has become imperative for it to find ways to preserve this natural resource, especially in Africa where water is scarce.

Coca-Cola’s Africa Operating Unit is committed to replenishing 100% of the volume of water it uses to make its beverages.

The group said it had provided sustainable access to clean water to more than six million people.

Coca-Cola is researching more efficient water use methods such as recycling or reusing water to ensure more sustainable growth.

The second core strategy of the company’s sustainability plan is its commitment to use 50% recycled materials in its packaging and to collect and recycle the equivalent of 100% of bottles or cans sold by 2030.

Jamii will also catalyze job creation by supporting women and youth in entrepreneurship.

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