Cleanaway Waste Management Limited (OTCMKTS:TSPCF) Brief Interest Update

Cleanaway Waste Management Limited (OTCMKTS:TSPCF – Get Rating) saw a sharp drop in short-term interest during the month of June. As of June 30, there was short interest totaling 987,400 shares, down 32.3% from the June 15 total of 1,458,000 shares. Based on an average daily trading volume of 200 shares, the short-term interest rate ratio is currently 4,937.0 days.

Cleanaway Waste Management Inventory Performance

Shares of Cleanaway Waste Management opened at $1.77 on Friday. The company’s 50-day simple moving average is $1.99 and its 200-day simple moving average is $2.12. Cleanaway Waste Management has a 1-year minimum of $1.77 and a 1-year maximum of $2.36.

About Cleanaway Waste Management

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Cleanaway Waste Management Limited provides waste management, industrial and environmental services in Australia. It operates through three segments: Solid Waste Services, Industrial and Waste Services, and Liquid Waste and Healthcare Services. The company offers commercial and industrial, municipal and residential collection services for various types of solid waste streams, including general waste, recyclables, construction and demolition waste, and medical and sanitary services.

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