Clean-up begins after flooding of the sewage treatment plant


BATON ROUGE – The clean-up process began after a malfunction at a sewage treatment plant, causing streets and some nearby houses to be flooded on Wednesday.

“I saw the water come out of here and I was like, ‘It hasn’t even rained that hard,” said Gardere resident Tanisha Bradford. “So I was trying to figure out what was going on.

The southern Gardere wastewater treatment plant temporarily closed for two hours on Wednesday afternoon, causing homes in the area to be flooded with sewage.

“People can’t even get into their drive-thru,” Bradford said. “Especially cars. Trucks can pass. Cars can’t even pass.”

Questions about the cause of the problem remain unanswered.

“I don’t know exactly what caused the overflow,” said the deputy general manager. “Our engineers are looking at this today. It’s not uncommon for mechanical systems, electrical systems to fail. When they do, we try to fix them and put systems in place so that they don’t. reproduce more. “

Another resident says her apartment had about a foot of water.

“We contacted our claims adjuster who works with the neighborhood for any damage that may have arisen,” Hill said.

Serve-Pro is already cleaning up the mess. All residents affected by the incident can call 311 to report the damage.


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