Business leaders and governments honored at 47th Annual Virtual Good Government Presentation of the Food Industry

Business and government leaders honored at the 47th edition of the Food IndustryeAnnual virtual presentation of good government

TRENTON – October 25, 2021 – There was no shortage of urgent topics at the Food Council Committee for Good Government (FCCfGG) 47e Annual presentation of good government held on October 21 on a virtual platform. The event featured Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy and Republican gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli, who shared their political platform as they competed in this year’s state election.

Additionally, lawmakers and food industry leaders discussed key consumer and business issues and honored industry professionals and policy makers during presentations at the event. FCCfGG has changed the format from a traditional breakfast to a virtual lunch presentation as food distribution companies and grocers face unprecedented supply chain tensions and labor shortages. artwork.

Participants were briefed on the statewide rollout of the “Bag Up NJ” campaign, developed by the New Jersey Food Council (NJFC) and the New Jersey Clean Communities Council (NJCCC). This new state law, which will come into force in May 2022, bans plastic and paper shopping bags that are often thrown away after a single use and encourages consumers to bring their own reusable bags when shopping.

The annual event was sponsored by the FCCfGG, the New Jersey Food Council’s nonprofit political action committee, formed in 1973, which assists and promotes the election of state lawmakers who support the priorities of food retailers. . To date, the committee has supported over 4,000 applicants for a job in New Jersey.

“This event is a celebration of good government process and our commitment to working with government officials and leaders in the business community on healthy public policies that affect one of New Jersey’s most important and essential industries. – retail and food distribution, ”said Linda Doherty, Treasurer of FCCfGG. , as well as President and CEO of the NJFC.

With the new challenges presented by a COVID world, it is so important to forge alliances with New Jersey legislative leaders, policy makers, political candidates and opinion makers to support pro-business initiatives, added Doherty.

“Today, having grappled with this global pandemic, we are more resilient,” Doherty said. “While we still face enduring challenges due to COVID-19, our relationships with members of the Murphy administration and legislature in Trenton have grown stronger during the pandemic. The people of New Jersey depend on our members as a vital business, and for their generous charitable giving and support to food banks and civic groups, as well as community aid in these uncertain times. “

As the state closes this legislative cycle in early 2022, several priority issues remain, including recycled content legislation, alcohol licensing reform, and labor challenges. “We will work with policymakers to support our positions on our legislative priorities on behalf of the membership,” Doherty said.

Attendees praised four award winners from business and government who are making an impact on the state’s food industry. They understand:

Amanda De Palma, Director of Public Relations and Government Affairs, Saker ShopRites, received the “Good Government Award,” the highest honor received by members of the food industry who actively participate in advocacy efforts for policies that help New Jersey’s food industry thrive.

Richard Saker, President and CEO of Saker ShopRite, presented the award to De Palma who manages public events, press-related inquiries, communication with elected officials and local leaders, as well as all messages on social networks related to policies for Saker ShopRites. Most notably, earlier this year, she helped manage the rapid operational expansion of COVID-19 vaccination clinics in 30 in-store pharmacies.

Melanie Willoughby, Executive Director, New Jersey Business Action Center, won the Thomas W. Kelly Government Service Award for his work with state and local governments as an advocate for businesses of all sizes.

Willoughby’s personal motto – “I come from the state government and I’m here to help” – reflects his commitment to helping New Jersey business owners. Willoughby is heavily involved in the NJCCC’s Bag Up NJ campaign, serving as a trusted resource for the state’s business community as it prepares to comply with the impending enforcement of bag ban legislation .

“We applaud Melanie’s approach to sound public policy that benefits state residents, businesses large and small, and government leaders at all levels,” Doherty said. “Melanie’s in-depth knowledge to fully understand and grasp the industries in which she represents and her passionate desire to advocate on behalf of the New Jersey business community is a true testament to why she deserves this prestigious honor of government service.” . “

State Senator Kristin Corrado (R-40e Dist.) received the “Outstanding Legislator’s Award”. As the leader of the Republican Conference in the State Senate, Senator Corrado is a member of the Judiciary Committee, the Environment and Energy Committee, the Commerce Committee, and the Special Committee on Public Transit of the New Jersey. A small business owner, the Senator is a partner in the Corrado & Corrado law firm with her father, Robert E. Corrado. She represented the Totowa Borough as City Attorney for 10 years before serving as Passaic County Clerk for seven years.

“It is vital for our industry to work with lawmakers who are ready to take our views into account to support a strong state economy and create job growth,” said Andrew Kent, executive vice president of Glass Gardens ShopRite and vice president of the NJFC. “Senator Corrado has remained open-minded on many issues affecting the food industry and the business world and is a thoughtful and knowledgeable lawmaker who is focused on serving the people of New Jersey. Putting people before politics is one of the many reasons we are proud to present this award to the honorable senator.

Deputy John McKeon (D-27e Dist.) received the “Outstanding Legislator Award” for being one of the state’s leading legislative advocates for protecting the New Jersey environment while balancing the needs of the food industry.

The member of the Assembly chairs the Committee on Financial Institutions and Insurance, and is a member of the Budget Committee and the Environment and Solid Waste Committee. He bolstered New Jersey’s nationally recognized recycling programs by sponsoring the Recycling Enhancement Act and pushing for the passage of the nation’s toughest e-waste recycling law. He was also a leader in the Bag Up NJ movement; a key lawmaker who was instrumental in passing the bag ban law.

“We are grateful to Assembly Member McKeon for his eloquent representation of the Food Council’s position on the New Jersey General Assembly floor when the Plastic Bag Ban Bill was debated.” Kent said. “His persistent and articulate outlook helped push the decisive yes vote. And today, his action will propel New Jersey with the country’s toughest plastic and paper bag ban. “

The FCCfGG is chaired by a Board of Governors and Officers, which includes Saker as Chairman, Phil Scaduto of FoodCircus Foodtown as Vice Chairman, Suzanne DelVecchio of Quick Chek as Secretary and Doherty as Treasurer.

The FCCfGG was formed in 1973 with support from the New Jersey Food Council to assist elected state officials and candidates who share a common goal of good government.

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