Bulk waste producers who do not set up on-site composting units must pay a fine


Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) has said it will impose a penalty on producers of bulk waste from November 1 if they fail to set up on-site composting units by the end of this month.

Company commissioner Akshy Sridhar said in a press release on Saturday that in accordance with the solid waste management rules of 2016 and the MCC solid waste treatment regulations, apartments and establishments such as hotels, hospitals, pavilions, wedding halls, catering, etc., with more than 30 households are mandated to build composting units on site and treat waste at source. Several notices and press releases on this subject have been issued to all producers of solid bulk waste. However, management received few responses.

Therefore, apartments that do not follow the rules will have to deposit a sum of 15 per apartment at the beginning of the month in advance. Subsequently, fines receipts must be given to the driver of the solid waste collection vehicle before the waste is handed over. This will be followed by a fine of 25 per apartment the second month. The challan for the penalty payment can be obtained from the health section at the company office.

“Failure to produce the paid receipts will result in the waste being rejected on site and legal action will be taken against the bulk waste producers,” Sridhar said.

The commissioner said that at present, the Karnataka High Court is hearing a petition relating to the management of solid waste by the company. A government investigation was underway to assess the progress made in the implementation of solid waste management measures by the company.

Taking the matter seriously, the MCC had ordered all bulk waste producers to begin on-site composting of wet waste before October 31, 2021. However, several establishments did not follow the guidelines.

“The problem will be taken seriously and violators will be fined from November 1, 2021,” he said, adding that producers of bulk waste could contact 0824-220310 (-318) for more. details.


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