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Mumbai: As sewage monitoring for the Covid-causing SARS-CoV-2 virus has started in Mumbai, a senior BMC official said no positive samples had been obtained so far.
“We don’t have a positive sewage sample, and this is an indicator of low positivity in the city,” said BMC Additional Commissioner Suresh Kakani. The Covid graph has been at city lows, with less than 50 positive cases per day. A BMC official from the public health department said barely one or two positive cases are also registered at the airport.
In order to stay ahead of the virus causing the pandemic, the BMC has initiated sewage monitoring with the National Institute of Virology (NIV) to check for the presence of the virus in waste or water. (the NIV initiative is part of a national monitoring campaign). Wastewater surveillance has been widely used to track wild polio virus; epidemiologists say outbreaks usually occur a week or two after the virus is found in sewage samples.
According to the BMC protocol, any positive sewage sample would be subjected to genome sequencing to identify the type of strain or virus. “We struggled to collect the 350 samples needed to run one sequencing run,” Kakani said. “It’s good news that virus activity is low in the city,” he added.
Meanwhile, on Saturday, the state recorded 130 cases, including 49 in Mumbai. The state’s daily tally has hovered around 150 for weeks, with the number of cases in the city dropping below 30 on some days. The state has recorded single-digit deaths since March 5, with 9 days without a death. On Saturday, two deaths were recorded, one in Bhiwandi and the other in Sangli. In Mumbai, only five deaths were recorded in March. Active cases have been below 1,000 in the state for nearly a month.

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