Believing in Michigan: Protecting Public Safety, Building Strong Communities

Believing in Michigan: Protecting Public Safety, Building Strong Communities


January 21, 2022

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Believing in Michigan: Protecting Public Safety, Building Strong Communities

Michiganders Celebrate Why They Believe in Michigan Through Series of Videos Leading Up to Governor Whitmer’s State of the State Address

LANSING, Michigan- Prior to the Governor’s State of the State address, Governor Whitmer’s team set out to hear from Michiganians across the state about why they believe in Michigan. We’ll be sharing their thoughts each day before the address in a series of videos.

“As a former prosecutor, I am committed to protecting public safety so that we can build strong and vibrant communities together,” said Governor Gretchen Whitmer. “I will work with anyone to reduce crime, treat every Michigander with dignity and respect, and help families feel safe in their community. Together, we can build a fairer Michigan where every family can thrive, where every child can get a great education, and where every person has a path to a well-paying, highly-skilled job.”

Meet Ann Arbor resident and Washtenaw County Sherrif Jerry Clayton.

“I want state government to focus on areas that contribute to a high quality of life for all Michigan residents,” Washtenaw County said. Sheriff Jerry Clayton. “To help make the roads we travel, the water we drink and the air we breathe safe. Support public health and strengthen the safety net for those living with behavioral health issues. Work with us to co-produce public safety, invest in our future by supporting a high-quality education for our children. I want our state government to be our partner and servant leader with a vision of what can be and the skill and the integrity to help make possible what we aspire to. If we are going to face and defeat some of the deepest issues around race, poverty, global warming and other critical issues, we must have the commitment and the ability to work together.”

When asked why he believed in Michigan, Clayton added, “I believe in Michigan because I believe in Michiganders, that they are resilient, innovative, and committed to creating a state where each of us has the opportunity to maximize our potential. Learn, grow, succeed, and contribute. Which What excites me and gives me the most hope are our young people. I always walk aware, impressed by their intelligence and thoughtfulness. But, more importantly, I am always impressed and inspired by their commitment to creating a better world.

Governor Whitmer’s emphasis on protecting public safety

As a former prosecutor, public safety is a central issue for Governor Whitmer. She has worked closely with local leaders, law enforcement officers and community organizations to reduce crime and ensure people feel safe, come to work, picking up their children from school or shopping.

During her tenure, Governor Whitmer signed into law historic criminal justice reform. She signed bipartisan “Clean Slate” laws that will help hundreds of thousands of Michiganders emerge from the criminal justice system with better job and housing opportunities and enable them to pursue their full potential. She also launched task forces to fight remand and juvenile justice and pursued reforms to improve the relationship between law enforcement and the people they serve. Some of Whitmer’s signature accomplishments include:

Other highlights of Whitmer’s efforts to protect public safety and build communities can be found onlinee.

Visit the State of the State 2022 page for videos and more.


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