Be’ah aims to reduce municipal waste by 80% by 2030 | Oman time

Muscat: Oman’s environmental services holding company “Be’ah” has set ambitious targets to reduce the amount of municipal waste disposed of in engineered landfills through a plan to divert 60% of solid waste by 2025 and 80% by 2030.

The company has worked on many plans and studies to implement the process of recycling waste with economic value, such as construction and demolition waste, expired tires, lead-acid batteries and others, to achieve sustainability. and reduce primary resource extraction.

Fahd bin Ali Al Kharusi, Head of Municipal Waste Sector Planning Department at Bee’ah, said: “The company has been looking in the last period, after completing the preparation of facilities in various governorates, to transfer the municipal solid waste management sector from various municipalities, and the transfer of the sector was completed at the end of 2020 to include 100% of the population of the Sultanate of Oman by outsourcing several transport and waste collection management operations and by managing various installations at specialized international companies.

The head of Bee’ah’s municipal waste sector planning department added to the Omani News Agency that the company currently manages many waste sites, including 10 technical landfills and 16 processing stations, pointing out that the company applies sustainable management of solid waste. policies, so it has become a necessary requirement to prevent resource depletion. Financial, natural and creating a sustainable economy or the so-called “circular economy”.

He pointed out that there are other studies carried out by the company in order to recycle waste and benefit from it locally to achieve the principles of environmental sustainability and reduce the pressure on the extraction of land resources. The level of services provided, in addition to working to address environmental and health impacts resulting from current landfills.

He pointed out that the company, as a first step, has been working to improve the appropriate infrastructure for waste management through its plan of urgent projects, which are the construction of technical landfills and new transfer stations. of waste in accordance with internationally recognized standards, with a view to closing all landfills throughout the Sultanate of Oman.

On the challenges facing Bee’ah, Fahad Al Kharousi said, “There are several challenges, including raising awareness of the responsibility of the individual, society and productive institutions in achieving and applying the proper waste disposal concepts to ensure that bad practices are not caused which negates the civilized and aesthetic image of the Sultanate of Oman, and such bad practices represent a fertile environment for the proliferation of insects and rodents.”

He explained: “The increase in the phenomenon of dumping municipal waste outside of its designated container, tampering with the containers and destroying them by burning, pulling or breaking them, dumping the remains of slaughtered animals on public roads, valleys, etc., and scattering them around the containers of municipal waste collection areas, constitutes a burden on the government through contracts with specialized companies to provide waste management services in the different governorates of the Sultanate.

Al Kharousi called on institutions operating in the agricultural sector to dispose of waste related to this sector wisely and in their designated places to avoid denaturing the public landscape and limit the proliferation of rodents that affect agricultural crops and other problems. , whether environmental or health.

He also called on institutions operating in industrial zones to abide by laws and legislation that regulate the responsibility for the industrial waste collection process of various small and medium-sized industrial zones, and contractors to pledge to dispose of waste. of construction and demolition in the designated places and not to follow the phenomenon of random dumping.

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