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Singapore, Oct 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Zuen Tech Corporation is a technology management company that provides businesses with services and solutions in the areas of marketing strategy, business operations and organization, business technology and information, digital transformation, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

Companies that are part of Zuen Tech include e-commerce platforms, physical entities, food and beverage industry companies, exclusive clubhouse, retail stores selling designer products, and businesses. of the FinTech (FinTech) industry and is proud to announce the growth of its recently launched e-commerce platform.

About Zuen Shopping Center

Zuen Mall is a one-stop e-commerce platform established by Zuen Tech, recently launched in September. With more than 600 partner merchants, more than 10,000 products and services available, the platform offers a full range of products and services. Using the dual channel retail business model where customers shop online and experience the product or service offline, the platform offers users a whole new shopping experience.

Zuen Mall is a platform that is committed to sharing wealth and innovation. The business objective of the platform is to encourage entrepreneurship while engaging in consumption. Consumers using the platform can enjoy savings of 7% on Goods and Services Tax as well as 6% discounts when funding into their account. In addition, there will be daily sweepstakes for consumers to participate in. Recommending Zuen Mall to friends and family can help build more income and wealth, as referral rewards will be given for referrals.

The best chefs in the world

To complement its operational online business model, Zuen Tech has also deployed its experience center. At the Brick and Mortar Experience Center, consumers can sample a variety of dishes from renowned chefs around the world, providing fresh and delicious food to a wider clientele.

Zuen Tech is currently owned by Zuen Holdings, the main holding company with many subsidiaries under its umbrella. Zuen Holdings is expanding its ecosystem within the food and beverage industry by opening restaurants under Yuan Cuisine Group. Yuan Cuisine Group’s restaurant concept aims to realize the concept of “homemade dishes according to restaurant standards”.

Each concept promises a sensory experience with service that comes from the heart, immersing diners in an atmosphere that captures the intricacies of Chinese and Japanese culture, especially the best of the rich palette of culinary delights. With more than 300 meal delivery vehicles in its fleet, the company can provide its customers with “hot food” delivered to their doorstep.

New opportunities, new ideas, new markets, new business model – Consumption within the ZUEN CHAIN ​​ecosystem, sharing of wealth

As the era of the digital economy continues to evolve and develop, people are increasingly mindful of their needs for physical and mental well-being. Zuen Tech has developed a number of wellness courses that can help the body eliminate toxins and waste, thereby reducing the load on the human body, allowing the body to better absorb nutrients.

At a time when anyone can become an entrepreneur, Zuen Tech also offers consumers entrepreneurial opportunities, where the average consumer can also earn by consuming. Zuen Tech also provides one-stop-shop services such as financial support and operational advisory services for entrepreneurial projects.

Luxury club

The Luxury Lifestyle Club, a subsidiary of Zuen Holdings, operates Club Di Lusso, an exclusive clubhouse in Tekka Place where members can not only enjoy visually pleasing elegance and luxury, but also prepared gastronomic delights. by Michelin-starred chefs specially designed for his palates.

Dedicated sommeliers prepare drinks for members, spa services, and movie and karaoke facilities. Members can also choose to spend a day at sea on a private yacht with their beloved family and friends to enjoy the scenery or indulge in a romantic getaway.

All of the above-mentioned platforms, services and entities are built around the Total Wellness blockchain platform established by Zuen Tech, the ZUEN chain ecosystem. This will completely transform the currently highly fragmented market and build a bridge between businesses and consumers characterized by trust and transparency.

The use of blockchain technology

The ZUEN Chain Alliance has embraced breakthrough blockchain technology in its quest to establish the total wellness industry globally and enable everyone to enjoy a unified sharing platform.

The ZUE token is the only utility token within the ZUEN chain ecosystem, currently traded on Pancakeswap, a decentralized exchange. The ZUE token is not only capable of facilitating cross-border transactions, but can also be used in a number of other real-world applications such as travel and tourism sharing, shared pensions, shared temples, etc. transcend value chains across industries and bring digitization, small denominations, liquidity, transparency and borderless movements to the world of investments, thus making the creation and sharing of wealth within the reach of the greatest number.

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Address: 190 Middle Road # 18-05 Fortune Center, Singapore 188979
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