A landfill designed to make waste disposal safer

A call for tenders has already been launched for the construction of a technical landfill which is one of the main priorities of the Ministry of Municipality.

Doha: To protect the environment from the growing global threats of climate change, the Ministry of Municipality is working on the construction of an artificial landfill for the safe disposal of waste.

The engineered landfill site will allow the final disposal of solid waste in a safe manner while minimizing the impact on the environment.

“A call for tenders has been launched for the construction of a technical landfill which is among the main priorities of the ministry,” said the director of the waste management and recycling department at the Ministry of Municipalities, Eng. Hamad Al Bahr said The peninsula.

Speaking of the Department’s new projects, he said, “We have prepared a plan for this year and next year which includes a number of projects and initiatives including ‘Zero Waste’ which was launched in February this year.

He said that under the “Zero Waste” initiative, the ministry is providing support to companies working in tire recycling.

“From next week, any company dealing with used tires will receive QR 250 per ton to collect used tires from the site for recycling,” Al Bahr said, adding that many such projects are underway.

Asked about the ministry’s efforts to build a circular economy in the country, he said, “We at the ministry have been working on this for a long time. We coordinate between waste sorting facilities and recycling plants operating in the Al Afja region.

He said the national strategy focuses on circular economy to make better use of waste, as the circular economy aims to bring recyclable materials to recycling plants for full utilization.

Talking about the ministry’s strategy to deal with waste, he said the strategy has been completed with the support of a dedicated team of experts from the ministry and a consulting firm.

“The strategy made seven recommendations, including raising awareness, developing waste transfer stations, improving sorting operations, developing recycling plants and building such plants to make better use of waste,” Al Bahr said.

Strategic priorities to support the transition to a circular economy in Qatar include reducing waste generation and raising environmental awareness, improving the waste sorting process at source, and improving the collection of all the types of waste generated in the country.

Other priorities are improving and promoting waste recycling and reducing landfills, building capacity and securing data, statistics and information in the field of waste management, improving governance and regulatory framework for waste management and improving the management of hazardous waste and medical waste.

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